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Odyssey PC925 Automotive Battery

Odyssey PC925 Battery

SoCal Part #: ODYPC925
Manufacturer Part #: PC925
MSRP: $213.95
Price: $187.99

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The revolutionary ODYSSEY battery is designed to do provide both deep cycle and cranking power features. The process begins with flat plates made of 99.99% pure virgin lead - not lead alloy. Pure lead plates can be made thinner, so we can fit more of them in the battery. More ODYSSEY battery plates mean more plate surface area. And that means more power – twice as much as conventional batteries.

In fact, ODYSSEY batteries are capable of providing engine cranking pulses in excess of 2250 amps for 5 seconds – double to triple that of equally sized conventional batteries, even at very low temperatures. And they can handle 400 charge-discharge cycles to 80% depth of discharge.

This extreme combination of power and performance makes ODYSSEY batteries perfect for a range of applications, including automotive/LTV, marine, commercial, and powersports.

Thanks to rugged construction and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) design, ODYSSEY batteries have an 8-12 year design life and a 3-10 year service life. Welded intercell connections enable it to withstand extreme vibration, and AGM design holds acid in place to prevent spills, even when installed on its side.


    BCI Group Size N/A
    5 Sec. Hot Amps 925
    Cold Cranking Amps 380
    Reserve Capacity 52
    Ampere Hour (20 HR Rate) 28
    Ampere Hour (10 HR Rate) 27
    Voltage 12
    Length (Inches) 6.64
    Width (Inches) 7.05
    Height (Inches) 5.04
    Warranty 36 Months


Install Time: 20 Minutes
Install Difficulty:

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